Getafe VS Real Sociedad, a draw game

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    Toàn Quốc
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    110 VNĐ
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    dich vu khac
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    29/6/20, 0 Trả lời, 206 Đọc
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  1. kimtan2021

    kimtan2021 New Member

    Getafe VS Real Sociedad, a draw game
    Match analysis:

    Getafe hasn’t won best soccer tips any of their 4 games played since the restart, but they also lost only 1 of said 4 games. During this stretch, Getafe has scored 3 goals, while conceding 4 goals. Despite this bad spell, Getafe is having an excellent season where they are in 5th place with 49 points, 40 scored goals, and only 29 conceded goals. As of right now, Getafe is in the Europa League spot, but they need to start winning games if they want to stay there. In their last LaLiga game against Valladolid on the road, Getafe has had 54% of ball possession, 8 corner kicks, low 62% of the correct passes, and only 1 shot on goal. Getafe got ahead in 41st minute, but their lead didn’t last long because Valladolid tied the game just 9 minutes after. This match ended in 1-1 draw. Angel Rodriguez has scored 10 goals for Getafe this season, while Mata added 9 goals. Cucurella added 5 assists. Manojlovic and Etebo are both injured, while Cabaco is still questionable. Getafe is still in play in the Europa League, where they will face Inter once the competition starts again, but in LaLiga, Villarreal is on their tail, and I must say, they are playing much better soccer. Getafe better starts winning some games.

    Odd analysis:

    Neither Getafe nor Sociedad is playing well, and while Sociedad hasn’t won any of their last 4 games, Getafe hasn’t won any of their last 5 games. Getafe was dominant at home in this matchup, best free soccer prediction but I’m not ready to side with them, or with Sociedad for that matter.

    Getafe VS Real Sociedad

    Pick:Getafe 0


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