10 Greatest Scottish Players of History

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    10 Greatest Scottish Players of History
    Recently, the news free soccer tips today agency selected the 10 greatest Scotland players – based on their contributions to the national team instead of club achievements.

    1. Alex Jackson

    Alex Jackson won 15 out of his 17 internationals and lost only one, including tasting victories over England for 4 times.


    2. Hughie Gallacher

    In his first four games for his country he scored five goals. It was the start of an amazing international career that resulted in him scoring 23 goals in only 20 games.

    3. George Young

    The first Scotsman to break the 50-cap mark, George Young was part of Rangers' famous 'Iron Curtain' defence and captained his country on 48 occasions.

    4. Denis Law

    A top goalscorer with 30 goals in 55 games

    5. Jim Baxter

    With two Wembley wins, Jim Baxter was also on the winning side in two Hampden 'Auld Enemy' successes.

    6. Billy Bremner

    Bremner led Scotland in 1974 World Cup finals, coming close to netting a winner against Brazil as a rebound flashed in front of him.

    7. Sir Kenny Dalglish

    Winning a record 102 caps from his debut in 1971 , he led the team beat Spain in a World Cup qualifying in 1984.

    8. Danny McGrain

    He played for Scotland in five World Cup finals ties and never lost one. He was so good he won many of his 62 caps at left-back.

    9. Joe Jordan

    Joe Jordan was netting 11 goals in 51 caps.

    10. Graeme Souness

    A three-time soccer tip sites European cup winner, Souness won 54 caps.

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